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Wonderkid's creator is Gwen from Dublin, Ireland.  A background in Interior Design and a busy commercial career in Digital Media & eCommerce has helped Gwen to build a card and art print business.


Wonderkid grew organically as Gwen's family grew.  Three young children were creating endless piles of art that were stuck to an over-crowded fridge door, and then ended life in a storage box.

So, born from a desire to preserve and display these creations, combined with the real life problem of never having the right Thank You or Birthday card available at the right time, Gwen put her design skills from her previous busy work-life to use.  She uses creative talent and industry standard design software to recreate original, one-of-a-kind, beautiful & practical premium paper products.


"I create from a room at the top of my house with roof windows that let in lots of light and an extra long desk that stretches all along one side - I designed it myself so that it would fit 2 Macs, a printer, a Cricut, a sewing machine, cutters, mats, creaser, and all the other creative tools that I just can't live without. 

Working on a new piece of art to turn into a set of cards or a print is different every time.

First I scan or take a photo of the art, then I upload that image to my Mac, so that I have a digital version to work on.

I use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator software to remove any shadows, marks, clean up white & grey areas, and sharpen dark lines and colours.

Then I 'cut' the image away from its' background (unless we need the background to stay).  

I look at the art and decide how it should be adjusted for light, colour balance & hue, each piece needs to be preserved as its' creator intended but this process allows it to be enhanced for an optimum end result.   

Now the art is free on my screen to manipulate and resize so that it can be displayed as its' best version of itself.  

I add the artist's signature, then place it onto cards, large templates for art prints, etc.  

And finally it gets printed onto premium quality paper stock, ready to be appreciated and enjoyed."

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